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Process flow of PSA nitrogen making
1、Air supply system:
Environmental air is purified by compressed air, eliminating oil, water and dust, to supply PSA devices.
2、Transformation adsorption nitrogen-making system:
The compressed air compressed and purified (pressure of PSA device is P=0.6MPa) through adsorption tower with carbon molecular sieve (CMS),from bottom to top, meanwhile, oxygen molecule is adsorbed on the surface of molecular sieve, and the nitrogen flows to nitrogen buffer. After adsorbing for a certain time, the carbon molecular sieve in the tower needs regeneration for it is saturated by adsorbed oxygen, and the regeneration realizes relying on stopping adsorption and reducing pressure in the tower. The alternate adsorption and regeneration of two adsorption towers makes sure that the nitrogen is produced successively.

Condition of carbon molecular sieve making nitrogen
1、Air compression and purification
It is very essential for pure raw material air entering into absorption column of carbon molecular sieve, because pellets and organic atmosphere will block up the carbon molecular sieve's pore entering the absorption column and reduce separation performance of carbon molecular sieve.
The method of pure raw material air includes: 1, Air inlet far away from oil mist, organic atmosphere place; 2, Carbon molecular sieve absorption column should be treated at last by cold dryer and absorbent purification system.
2、Nitrogen's density and gas production.
N 2 density and gas production according to user’s adjustment when making nitrogen. N2 density will enhance when lower the gas production, otherwise, N2 density will drop.
3、Pressure balancing time
Carbon molecular sieve making nitrogen process is when an absorption column adsorption ended, the compressed air in absorption column poued into another regenerate absorption column from two direction to make the same pressure. This process is called pressure balancing to choose suitable time, then restored energy, slow down the impact of molecular sieve in the absorption column to achieve service life. The reference switching speed is 1-3 seconds.
4、 Gas production time
Carbon molecular sieve proliferation speed is different to oxygen and nitrogen, adsorbing O 2 to balance in a short time, N2 adsorptive capacity is few, short time to produce gas which enhances the carbon molecular sieve to produce gas yield and increases valve frequency. Generally, the adsorption time is 30-120 seconds. The small high pure nitrogen machine uses short gas production time, the large-scale low concentration uses long gas production time.
5、Service pressure
Carbon molecular sieve has balanced adsorption effect while dynamics with high adsorbate partial pressure and loading capacity which is benefit to compressor adsorption. High adsorption pressure requests high compressor modelling, moreover atmospheric regeneration and vacuum regeneration have different requests to adsorbent pressure. Atmospheric regeneration elects 5-8kg/cm 2 for suitable and vacuum regeneration elects 3-5Kg/cm2.
6、Allowable temperature
Low adsorption temperature is good to carbon molecular sieve under the condition of making the nitrogen machine. 

Process chart :  
Technological characteristic
The technological process are simple and direct, unattended, automatically control completely; It is angry fast to produce, it is low to consume energy, performance is steady, Longe-lived; The key part is adopted and imported and disposed ; Fault rate is low, it is simple and convenient to maintain; Scene makes nitrogen, can open to park at any time ; Price performance than fine, soon returns on investment. 

Package and usage
1.Testing strictly according to enterprise standard to guarantee the quality.
2.Plastic drum and good sealing package, open again when filling, against moisture.
3.Must airproof ,do not pound it directly with stick.

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